The site is the sister site to Exileinblonde. It will soon have an e-commerce store where digital art, prints, clothing, etc. will be available to purchase. Built with a SSL and just an overall fun design. Tumblr built in as the blog.

Bad Seed Society secures hosting, domain names, does all the updating for the client. All sites hosted by BSS come with a SSL. That means your site is safe with the little lock. Customers know your site can be trusted. Social Media Marketing, Brochures, Business Cards, and everything included in this company's branding.

Built with HTML5, Bootstrapper, CSS3, Plus the Text Rotator Effect.

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  • Client: ............
  • Category: .......... Web, Motion, Print, Photography
  • Date: .............. Dec. 2022
Launch Project

- FYI -

Any website that Bad Seed Society hosts for you, comes with a SSL layer. That way people will know from the little lock next to your domain name, that your website is safe. People/Customers will not spend money on a website that does not display this lock. We’ll make sure you have it, ready when your website launches. We can also handle your domain name renewals that way you don’t have to bothered. Our prices are insane, you will be blown away, only the newest technology is used, and it is built from the ground up with Search Engine Optimization in mind, to make you easier to find.

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