- Gina Creazzo

Line-crossing. Born full of surprises and covered in secret talents. Been Published multiple times, participated in many art shows in the Lehigh Valley, To New York, Been Interviewed, once or Twice. And living on the edge since birth Find Gina's doppelganger at: Exileinblonde.com

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-A Human Experiment Agency

We strictly adhere to the principle that an order to be an innovator, you first must reject the old to establish a new, better status quo. One the most enticing sources of newness is the rebel mind. And here we are, today is your lucky day. provides creatives of all levels and backgrounds, experiences that can help propel their ideas forward. You've arrived at place to connect them with world changing designers and leaders in the creative industry, and help reignite the raw passion for the visual. We’re full service which means we’ve got you covered on design & content right through to digital.
Creating digital experiences, social media content, interactive concept, commercials, and branding assets that will get you noticed.

-What We Do:

With expertise in web, graphics, identity, print, packaging, & all digital interactivity. We craft initiatives that integrate multiple disciplines. small experimental design studio based in the Lehigh Valley region of PA, but implementing risk-taking, originality peddling, visually stunning, & memorable experiences online environments for web, interfaces & the physical world, here and everywhere. We are line-crossers, risk-takers. Designer who implements risk-taking, originality peddling devoted to craft visually stunning, memorable experiences and online environments for web, interfaces & the physical world.
We are a self-made, Bad Seed Society for those who refuse to be shoved in a box.

Made with our recognizable edgy-like design & crafted for the cool kids, but engineered to last. (That's the part that mom's love ❤)